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PEEC Cross Program in Journal of EE

The Journal of Environmental Education
SUMMER 2004, VOL. 35, NO. 4

An Evaluation of Four Place-Based
Education Programs
Amy L. Powers
ABSTRACT: The Place-Based Education Evaluation Collaborative (PEEC) was formed to invest in the
development of place-based education models of professional development and whole school improvement
through more rigorous evaluation. An external evaluation team conducted a cross-program study,
analyzing the effects of 4 place-based education programs on teachers, students, schools, and communities.
This article reports on 2 aspects of the study: (a) a cross-program analysis of the 4 programs'
strengths and challenges, and (b) an analysis of trends in teacher practice change across the programs.
Data sources included 163 adult interviews (teachers, administrators, program staff, and community
members), 85 student interviews, and 41 field observations. Recommendations for program development
and emergent themes for further research are reported.
KEY WORDS: collaboration, environmental education, place-based education, professional development,
program evaluation, school improvement


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